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Battery Power Source



  • Lithium power bank with Type A USB output and micro USB port for charging
  • Very high-quality Japanese brand —expensive but worth every penny
  • 5 VDC output on type A USB female jack
  • Use with Akiko transmitter, Talisa transmitter and Rush receiver in portable applications
  • 3350 mA capacity which will run Rush, Talisa or Akiko for 24 hours plus
  • Power on/off button which is SUPER handy
  • Unlike many power banks, it won’t power down due to the low power draw of Akiko/Talisa/Rush (many other power banks shut down when they see consumption this low —I guess our devices are just too darned efficient).
  • Charge cable included
  • Charge it up using any USB wall adapter you already own
  • Example:  use it to power your Akiko transmitter while snowboarding (when you’re the DJ)
  • Example:  use it to power your Rush receiver while snowboarding (when you’re listening to the DJ’s tunes)
  • For how-to Youtube videos, please subscribe:  https://www.youtube.com/user/SKAAwireless